All Day Tour de Luxe



One of our highlights and favorites is our guided Tour de Luxe. The whole day we will explore our beautiful surrounding islands.

We will visit our most beautiful beaches, enjoy cocktails in the water, collect shells, watch dolphins and manatees, visit original bars and beach restaurants, explore islands with golf carts and much more. Your wish is our command.

Of course our tour includes a big selection of beverages and food to keep you energized all day. We serve a wide variety of soft drinks, beer, wine, sparkling wine with fruit, mixed drinks, and of course our already well-known Captain's punch. On one of our many beautiful beaches, we will start the day on the boat with delicious snacks such as salmon, cheese and sausage appetizers with many extras. Snacks and fruit will also be served through-out the day.  


We will end our tour in the evening by watching one of our beautiful Florida sunsets while enjoying one of the captain's own creation, the "Sundowner Cocktail".

This tour will be an unforgettable day and one of the highlights of your vacation.



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